- Decided on behalf of the “Supreme State Security” in the fifth avenue last Sunday, 04/26/2015 to renewal the imprisonment and detention for fifteen days pending investigation for “Assem Hijazi,” first year student at the Faculty of Agriculture – Mansoura University.
Student was arrested arbitrarily on February 24, 2015 from a street in the major city of Mahalla in Gharbiya governorate, where he was subjected to severe torture inside the police camp in spite of the denial of the department his existence, raising fears about his health.
The student has been subjected to a crime of enforced disappearance for a period of thirty-eight days, to be viewed after that period to the prosecution without a lawyer to defend him in flagrant violation of the rights of the accused, which ruled his imprisonment , where he was deported (Al-akrab) scorpion prison,and it was reported that the prison security prevent visits until today in violation of the rights of prisoners.