Mansoura court decided on Monday, 04.05.2015 to postpone the trial of six students and a university professor in Mansoura, for the seventh session of the month of June, and their data came as follows:

1- Ahmad Mohammad Al Gadd, fourth year, Mansoura Engineering
2- Mohammad Abdel Mageed, third year, Mansoura physical education
3- Ahmad Hazem Alaa, third year, Engineering, Colledge Academy.
4- Ibraheem Farag Allah, first year,Alsallab Engineering,
5- Dr Saleh Al Awady, Surgery professor Mansoura,
6- Ammar El sayed El Gallab Third year, secondary
7- Hatem Hazem Allam, Engineering graduate, Delta Academy

Worth mentioning that they were arrested individually, each from a different place where they met the charge of combining a terrorist cell, led by Dr Saleh Al Awady. They are all now in Mansoura public prison except Ammar who is in the youngers prison in Dekernis.