Sandoub military court decided today to delay the trial of 4 students and a professor in Mansoura University to next 24/6/2015. Students names are:
1- Abdul Rahman Abdul Azeem Shoheib
2- Yahia Mosaad Akl
3- Ibraheem Ahmad EL KAtib
4- Heba Ibraheem Keshta
5- Dr Mohammad Saad Sareya, the helping professor of biochemistry in Mansoura faculty of medicine.

They were illegally arrested after security forces stormed the University campus on the 30 October 2014 then they were taken to the first police office in Mansoura and they were accused of belonging to an illegal group, provoking riots destroying the front of the managerial building of the University security.

After this violation, security forces continued to violate human rights and the Egyptian constitution and referred civilians to a military court plus detaining the student Heba Keshta with criminal prisoners in a non human place in Menyet El Nasr prison. Now, she is at Mansoura public prison for taking her exams. Also, we had news about the backwardness of Dr Sareya due to intransigence regarding getting his medication in to the prison.