Sudan Court ruled in Imbaba on Thursday, 02.07.2015 to postpone trial for both “Ziad El-Beltagy” second year student computers and information, and “Maysara Hamdto” 4th year student – Mechatronics Engineering, in the city of culture and science, to next Thursday’s meeting of July the 9th.

For his part, the student “Maysara Hamdto” announced his entry in an open hunger strike after the city of culture, science director rejected to extract his exams schedule by the end of the year for submission to the prosecution because of the invalidity of the drafting of the application submitted by the student to take out the exam table, as the student, “Ziad El-Beltagy “also entered in an open hunger strike because he is also deprived from entering the end of the year exams as deprived from entering the first semester exams; and because his dismissal from the university administration for a full academic year.

The security forces have arrested two students arbitrarily against the law on Tuesday, 18.02.2015 from “Osim market” area in Giza Governorate, where he was brought before a public prosecutor on the following day, to be imprisoned for four days to complete the investigation of national security, and then imprisonment renewed for 15 days on charges of joining a banned group founded at against the Constitution and the law, and possession of a camera containing video clips inciting the current system, and demonstrating without a permit.