Mansoura military court in Sandoub ruled on Wednesday 08/07/2015 to postpone the trial of six students at Al Azhar University -Tafahna branch, in addition to a high school student, to the next session on Monday, 13/07/2015.

their names were as follows:

1- Al Hassan Amer Aly
2- El Sayed Shehta El Sayed
3- Hussein Belal Ismail
4- Abdul Rahman El Doulsy
5- Hazem Khaled El Refaaey
6- Ibraheem Fawzy
7- Khaled Abdul Hameed

Worth mentioning that the students Hazem Khaled, Abdul Rahman El Doulsy and Ibraheem Fawzy were arrested from one of the houses of one of them in Zefta, Gharbia on 12/2/2015 then they were taken to Meet Ghamr police office were they suffered a lot of torture.

Al Hassan Amer, El Sayed Shehta and Hussein Belal were arrested on 17/2/2015 when they were disappeared for 48 hours where they were tortured to confess certain crimes they didn’t commit.

Khaled Abdul Hameed, the student in high school was arrested from his school in Sahreget then he was taken to Meet Ghamr police office in a specialized place for torturing that his health condition went very bad.

Students were arrested with many accusations such as forming a terrorist cell.

We condemn arrsting the students and we pin point that these violations are against the principles of protecting people from arresting that confirm their right in a human and fair treatment.