Shata military court ruled on Tuesday 14/7/2015 to prison, “Abdel-Rahman Shafiq celiac” a graduate of the Faculty of Commerce 2014 University of Damietta, for a period of 15 years on charges of attempted murder of Ceramics factor in Damietta.
It is noteworthy that the security forces had arrested the student from his home in the city of Damietta arbitrarily contrary to the law without permission or a court order to arrest on Tuesday, 19/08/2014, where he was presented to the public persecutor in Damietta which  charged him with attempted murder of ”  Islam Mohammed Elsayed Ghali “in the record number 4671 cover of 2014, to be evacuated and remanded in custody until the investigation was referred to the military judiciary, who issued a verdict on Tuesday to jail the student for 15 years.