The Cairo Criminal Court has sentenced each of “Khalid Mohammad Abdelra’ouf, who is known as

Khalid Sahloob, the student at faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University and Sohaib Saad

Mohammad Mohammad, the student at the second stage of Political and Economical Sciences, 6th of October University and Shady Abdulazeem who made his bachelor degree in faculty of Information and

Technology” to prison for three years.

It was mentioned that the three students were previously sentenced to rigorous imprisonment on

28/6/2015 and they were re- trialed under the background of many charges including ; joining a

banned group, preventing the government from doing its jobs, violation of the citizens’ personal

freedom, targeting the public foundations, doing damage to the national unity and the social peace

and putting the social safety on the line.

It worth to mention that the students were released with the guarantee of their residency on

26/2/2015 except the student Khalid Sahloub who was kept in detention under other charges.

It was also mentioned that this was the second time for detaining the student Sohaib Saad, who

was arbitrary detained on 1/6/2015 from the area of Almaadi shore, where he was led to unknown

place and kept forcibly hidden for more than two weeks. The thing that violates the first subject of the

International Convention for protecting all human beings from the enforced disappearance which

states that “It is forbidden to forcibly hide any human being.”

According to what the students’ families mentioned; all of the three students were exposed to the

enforced disappearance crime and systematic torture by the national security forces at the first time of

their detention while they were imprisoned in Almoqatam police station in January, 2014. They stayed

in the police station before they got their eyes covered, then, they stayed under the enforced

disappearance where the got severely tortured by hard beating and electric shots in a way that

violates the law. The forces did that deliberately to force them to admit that they were working for

Aljazeera channel and that they were transforming live events for the channel in what was known as

Marriot cell in media. After that, they were moved to the strictly guarded prison ‘Alaqrab’ (the

scorpion) where they were kept until they were released for the first time and before re detaining the

student Sohaib Saad.