The Cairo Criminal Court has made a decision yesterday 29/8/2015 to postpone the trial of the

student ‘Ibrahim Elazab’, who is graduated from faculty of pharmacy, Almansoura University until the

17th of next October in the case known as ‘Elswaiss Cell’. The student was accused of many charges

including; creating and leading a cell for targeting the ships that pass through Suez Canal, monitoring

the security headquarters booting for targeting them, manufacturing explosives, possessing weapons

and threatening the national security.

The security forces had arbitrary arrested the student on Wednesday, 5/3/2014. He has been

severely tortured and he got his teeth, one of his brims and one of his legs broken as a result.

Nonetheless, he was absentiatly sentenced to death at the late of February 2014, before he was


What the student was exposed to is a declared violation of the International Declaration of Rights

and Freedoms, especially, the fifth subject which stated that “No one should be exposed to torture,

retribution or treated in a savage, cruel or less-dignified way.” His arbitrary detention should be came

as a violation of what the 54 subject of the current constitution states “Freedom is a normal human

right, it is preserved cannot be touched, unless under the case of flagrante, no one should be

arrested, restricted, inspected or deprived of his liberty only after a caused judicial order which

requires investigations.”