The Criminal Court, held at the Institute of Trustees of the police to postpone the consideration of the case number 1700 2014 Supreme State Security convicted the student, “Tarek Fawzy rubber” third year student – Tanta University Mechanical Engineering Department for next January session, and the student faces charges of obstruction of the Constitution.

The student has been deported from “Tanta” prison where he was to perform the exams, to “Abu Zaabal” Prison On Thursday, 04/06/2015, where he spent Thursday and Friday, then went on to a session of his trial at the Institute of Trustees of the police, which have been on 25/07/2015 postponed for a day before returning “Tora” prison where he is currently being detained.

And it caused the deprivation of the performance of his probation, where the date has been delayed causing him to miss two more exams , from the first semester causing the student to re-take a full year, prompting the student to start a hunger strike on Tuesday, 9-6- 2015 to protest his intransigence.