He was arrested on July 5, 2016, from El-moez street in Cairo while he was taking some photos with his friends at “The voice of the nation” newspaper, where they were training. That coincided with the motorcade of the Minister of Endowment, so the security forces arrested them.


His family said in her testimony to the observatory that “Mahmoud” contact them on that night by his phone to tell them that he had been detained. His family Knew after that that he existence at “Gamaleya” Police Department without introducing to any investigative body, where his mother said that he spent a day and a half at “Gamaleya” department during which his family with tried to give him some food in the department but then they were told that Mahmoud and his friend have been prevented from entering anything to them.


That Prevention followed by the enforced disappearance, where he was transferred from the department to an unknown place for his family and his lawyer, according to his mother, they are still continuing in the search for their son and were unable to have any official information from departments or prisons, where they all denied his existence. The mother after that, was able to reach a ” criminal prisoner ” he was with his son in the cell in the “Gamaleya” department, where she asked him about the fate of her son,he told her after the trouble that he was transferred to the national security headquarter.

These words cause of the intransigence of the security forces with the criminal, where he was sentenced him solitary confinement.

Student family stated that there isn’t any officially recognise of their son detention and the student didn`t present to any investigative body, what making him Hidden forcibly.