Under the Hindu caste system, the Aboriginal Dasa natives were given the name of Shudras. The Aryan Hindus excluded the Dasa Shudras from all social and educational privileges of their society. The Aryan Hindu priests laid down severe laws in their religious books for the social and educational segregation of the Shudras in all ages to come.

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But there is growing doubt about whether those numbers tell a very accurate story. Several sources, including players and doctors, say players still are using performance enhancing drugs, which would seem to contradict Lombardo’s opinion. The sources say the players simply have grown smarter and have switched to less detectable drugs, such as testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH)..

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Dr. Lawrence Zemel is Chief of the Division of Rheumatology at the CT Children’s Medical Center and Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Connecticut. Dr. Today’s Birthdays: Producer Grant Tinker is 90. Actor Rod Taylor is 85. The former prime minister of Canada steroids, Jean Chretien (zhahn kray tee EHN’), is 81.

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