Png opposition says somare re election illegal (AP, 4/1)

Rally in New York, Trump says Obama wants the vote taken away from him (AP, 5/23)

New York state votes to ban Trump from state, which is likely to lead to a recount (Associated Press, 5/23)

Wyoming governor signs law forcing Trump to vacate state GOP convention venue after RNC vote (Associated Press, 5/23)

Betsy DeVos is asked to resign by Trump’s transition team (Reuters, 6/25)

New York GOP chairwoman asks her fellow candidates in GOP primary to endorse ‘deplorable woman’ DeVos (AP, 6/25)

A new batch of emails was released that show an attempt by then-Sen. John McCain to have then-Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski fired (Politico, 6/25)

Trump tells Fox Business he would not be calling China, Russia, North Korea and South Korea to protest the deal (Fox Business, 6/29)

John McCain calls out Trump for attacking ‘the media’ over Russia deal (Bloomberg, 6/29)

Voters go to the polls to elect a president on Tuesday, with Hillary Clinton leading the Democrats in the popular vote by nearly 1.8 million votes.

A new batch of leaked emails showed that Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was paid more than $10 million as recently as 2015.

The Republican National Committee, the Republican Party a바카라 룰nd a number of Trump associates have denied that money or payments came from Russian government, and there is no evidence they did.

“We need to start having a conversation here about whether this was done to defraud us or to undermine our campaign or to try to stop it from going through,” Rep. Steve Scalise, a가평출장안마 prominent conservative, told The Washington Post on Tuesday.

“We’ve never had anyone as rich as Paul Manafort do anything illegal,” House Majority Whip Steve Scalise said. “We’ve never had money taken out of the campaign that’s been laundered and handed over to the DNC.”카지노

A Washington Post article reported that Trump’s former business partner turned campaign adviser Rick Gates was paid between $3 million and $6 million from a Ukrainian pro-Russian political party and another pro-Russian party in 2015, with Manafort’s company paying all of Gates’ consulting fees.

“We’re just getting into this big mess in America right now. I’m very angry that Donald Trump isn’t showing u