Us house votes against iraq strategy, says the report from The Times of London

“It is likely to cost us in terms of defence sales and other XO 카지노commitments – the number is probably not large. We have to be very cautious about what we say about that,” he told reporters in London on Wednesday.

A senior British government source added: “We are aware of this. I don’t know what other countries are doing, but we have a very close working relationship with Pakistan. We want that relationship to continue, and it’s very much a partnership that matters to us.

“I wouldn’t want to say 코인 카지노it was a very clear decision on our part.”

In September 2014, the US said it would provide arms to a Pakistani security operation against al-Qaeda in Pakistan after Islamabad said US support would ease its fears that it would get involved in a major terrorism plot.

Mr Obama backed the Pakistan strategy at the time, saying it should help pCDC 철도청 카지노rotect American “brave troops” and bolster Pakistan’s “ability to respond in time to counter any threats emanating from anywhere in the region.”

But it came as it emerged that UK intelligence was “more concerned” by al-Qaeda affiliates operating in southern Pakistan, but would not consider helping British forces in the north.