After three days of enforced disappearance, on behalf of first 6 October court it was decided on Saturday 25/4/2015 to imprisonment six students from University of October 6, for a period of four days  pending investigations, the names of students and their data as follows:
1. “Sameh Mahdi,” 6th year student, Faculty of Medicine.
2. “Mohammed Magdi “, fourth-year student at the Faculty of Pharmacy.
3. “Osama al-Khatib,”  fifth year student at the Faculty of Pharmacy.
4. “ElHassan El-Naseer”, fifth year student at the Faculty of Pharmacy.
5. “Omar Jaber,” student at the Faculty of Engineering.
6. “Mohamed Gamal El-magraby ” third year student at the Faculty of Medicine.
It is noteworthy that the security forces had arrested six students arbitrarily contrary to the law  on Wednesday 04/22/2015 in front of the University of October 6, to be taken then to a undisclosed location where they were forced to hide for three days, and they were subjected to severe torture at the State Security and the Department of the first October 6, until their appearance  yesterday to be brought before a public prosecutor who ordered their jail for four days pending investigations, without paying attention to what the students suffered of flagrant violations, and without making any investigations into the crimes of enforced disappearance, torture, by the security services against the students, which is a clear violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as well as the Egyptian constitution, which criminalizes the arbitrary detention of any person as criminalizing torture .