-  second appellant court in Assiut ruled on Thursday, 30.04.2015 to remain in custody, “Muhammad Adli” student at the Faculty of Science Al-Azhar University, Assiut branch for Forty-five days pending investigations.

It is noteworthy that the security forces had arrested the student on 03/15/2014 arbitrarily against the law from the student hostel, to be held at second Assiut police station,  noted his poor psychological resulting in a transferring him to a mental health hospital based on a decision on behalf of the second Assiut, where Department issued The medical report of the student that he is schizophrenic, that which resulted in keeping in the Mental Health in Assiut for forty-five days and then deported him to the Abbasid Hospital in Cairo, and, after the student defense appealed the release order,the student was supposed to be  presented today to the appeal judge who looked at the student effects and saw his extreme slenderness, fatigue and confusion in addition to his deteriorating psychological illness due of  preventing him from eating and taking his medicine and a likelihood of being tortured during his detention, where the appeal judge refused his entry to the deliberation room by claiming that he is “crazy” and ruled his detention, at the Abbasid Hospital forty-five days pending investigations.

This was contrary to the principles of the United Nations of human psychiatric patient.