- Military court in Mansoura decided yesterday Tuesday, 05/05/2015, to postpone the trial of “Abdullah Mamdouh Tantawi” second year student at the Faculty of Law Mansoura University, to next Wednesday meeting on 05/12/2015.
It is noteworthy that the security forces had arrested the student and his father from their home arbitrarily illegal without permission or a court order, on Sunday, 07/12/2014, to be forced disappeared  for three days, were they were subjected to severe torture in a room on the second floor in Dekerness  police station in order to force them to confess to a certain charges.

It also is worth noting that the student family couldn’t see him or his father until they were presented to the public prosecutor on Saturday, 01.10.2015, where they were accused by the prosecution of several charges including: belonging to a banned group founded against the law, the establishment of a terrorist cell, possession of  publications that is  against the current regime, and throwing Molotov at Dekerness police department, and then the decision was to detain the 15 days pending investigation, then he were referred to military trial on Wednesday, 02/11/2015.