Observatory of “Freedom Seekers ‘ launches a campaign #Imtahinohm ‘ let them take their exams’  in collaboration with a group of human rights organizations which are: the Organization of justice of Rights and Freedoms , Azhari Observatory of Rights and Freedoms ,the Association for Freedom of Thought and Expression , the Egyptian Commission for Rights and Freedoms, freedom for students and university students to demand their examination and protect their futures, according to what global safeguarded  conventions on human rights and the Egyptian Constitution and laws …. The statement were issued which reads as follows:

The end of second semester is nearing and universities are still continuing  the pace of violations against students for the second year in a row. Those violations that have taken many forms on top of it confinement of the practice of political activities.
While we are on the outskirts of the second semester exams, hundreds of different Egyptian university students are still restricted from their freedom, whether due to remand or pending legal issues or implementation of the provisions of a civilian or military courts.
More than 500 students have been arrested since the beginning of this semester; from their university campus while they were entering or within their universities or during their exams or while exiting the campus or  from their homes in night raids. This number is added to the hundreds of other students arrested during the past two academic years.
These students, as well as their inherent right to freedom and a prompt return to their laboratories and study halls, they have an inherent right guaranteed by the Constitution and the law in pursuing their studies even if their freedom is restricted.
This requires that the state is committed to the empowerment of those imprisoned students to perform their exams whether to be transferred to their  colleges in exams or dates of composition of special committees decent for this purpose.
Where Article 31 of the Prisons Act states that “the prison administration to encourage prisoners to look at learning and to facilitate the recalling of prisoners who have a desire to continue the study and to allow them to perform their own tests in the headquarters of the committees.”

It should also be the administrations of the various universities that works to facilitate the procedures with the imprisoned students and lawyers quickly to extract the required paperwork substitute for intransigence and put impossible conditions to prevent the completion of the procedures for those students.

The undersigned of human rights organizations and student initiatives claim the state and university administrations to shoulder the responsibility that were handed to them by the Constitution and law and international treaties and agreements signed by the Egyptian government toward the imprisoned students.

It also calls on all interested and solidarity with those students who have to work & pressure on the parties involved to help maintain the academic future of hundreds of those deprived of their liberty for exercising their right to express their ideas within their universities. “