In a new violation added to the list of abuses practiced by Egyptian prison administration against the detainees, especially students, security prevented two students in Al-Azhar University, Assiut branch of performance of the second semester exam in spite of termination required to enable them to perform the exams procedures, due to the intransigence of the prison administration and their data came as follows:

1. “Amr Mohammed Omar Mohammed”, first year student, Faculty of Science, detained since 01/25/2015, and directed by the prosecution of charges of possession of individual cartridges and assault on a police secretary, he was evacuated to Wadi Natrun prison.
2. “Ahmed Mohammed Abdel Al,” student at Dentistry and detainee since 03/24/2015, on charges of possession of iPads, and despite the issuance of a not guilty verdict has not been released until now because of being charged in a new case and was & evacuated to Aldlnecat prison.