The military court in Mansoura decided to delay the trial of 2 student to the first of June 2015. The students are Khaled Helmy Abdel Gawad, the student in the faculty of Arts, and Mostafa El Refaaey, the student in the faculty of commerce. They were accused of belonging to a banned group and burning police cars.

Students were arbitrarily arrested individually, Khlaed Helmy was arrested on the 2nd of June 2014 and stayed in custody until he was supposed to be released on the 10th Jan 2015, though the student wasn’t released.

Mostafa El Refaaey was arrested on the 23rd DEC 2014 from his house in a violation for item 58 of the Egyptian constitution that state that houses has their privacy and it is not allowed to storm them unless in emergency cases, now the student is arrested in Senbelawain police office.

Students are judged in front of the military court in Ismailiya violating item 204 of the Egyptian constitution that says civilians are supposed to be judged in civil courts.