A Military court in Mansoura Sandoub ruled on Wednesday 1/7/2015 to postpone the trial of four students and a university professor at the University of Mansoura, to 8/7/2015
Students names and faculties are:
Abdul Rahman Abdul Azeem Shoheib, Faculty of nursing,
Yahya Mosaad Akl, faculty of Commerce
Ibraheem Ahmad Al Kateb, faculty of Engineering
Heba Ibraheem Keshta, faculty of commerce, English section
Mohammad Saad Sareya, Helping professor at biochemistry department, faculty of medicine, Mansoura University
Worth mentioning that they were illegally arrested from the University campus when the security forces broke into the University to adjourn a demonstration against the current regime. The prosecution accused them of many charges such as belonging to an illegal banned group, ruining the front of the management building in the University, provoking riots in the University in the case number 14748 for 2014. They are detained in Mansoura public prison. Heba Keshta is arrested at Menyet El Nasr prison.