Ibrahim Yahia Alazab, The pharmacy student, enrolled in Almansoura university, Whose suffers started with the current system’s renewed violations against him, since he was arbitrary detained in a way which violates the law from his house on 5/8/2014, to enter a vortex of enforced disappearance for a number of days, where he was badly tortured, which caused cracks in his teeth, ribs and legs.
The Almansoura criminal court ruled by sending the papers of Ibrahim and another nine accused, including three students to the Mufti(Someone who officially explains Muslims law) in order to take a decision about their execution in the case number 16850, Mansoura’s criminal centre, which is registered as number 26 for the year of 2014 according to the Supreme State Security. Which is known in the media as ‘Suez cell’. 6 accused were charged to death in this case, including Ibrahim Alazab who was absently charged in death at the late of February 2014 before he was detained.
Violations against him did not stop at this point, but he was to the execution room at the Alaqrab prison before he was officially charged on Thursday 30/7/2015. Yet, his sister assured that Ibrahim stays in a cell, which contains no air vebt but a very small hole while he is restricted and unable to stretch his legs because of the cell’s size. In addition, the prison’s management doesn’t let him get out of the cell or buy anything from the prison’s cafeteria, which was closed for continuous straight 4 months. While, the prison’s management offers him on daily meal consisted of one egg, a rotten bread loaf and one water bottle for all usage.
This violation came as a breaking to the primary principles of prisoner’s treatment which was registered abd published by a decision of the General Assembly of United States 45/111 dated on 14 December 1990. The first principal of those principles states that all prisoners should be treated according to their dignity and their rights as humans. Which was completely broken by the current authorities and Alaqrab prison’s management with Ibrahim Alazab.
We as Freedom Seekers Monitor strictly condemn all of these violations which all of the students experienced since they were firstly detained until now. We ask the current authorities of Alaqrab prison to provide the suitable circumstances to the student as a human. We strictly declare that what is happening for the students is a complete crime to all of the national laws and charters and that it is necessary to introduce the responsibles of these violations to a fair and fast judgment.