The Military Court of Mansoura decided on 20 /8/2015- to postpone the trial of six students and a graduate to the 27th/8/2015 in the case number 28426/2014 and their names came as below;

1- Anas Kassab, the engineering student at College Academy.

2- Mo’az Mohammad Abdulbasset Algammal, the high school student.

3- Belal Mohammad Abdul-aziz.

4- Ahmad Eid.

5- Ahmad Youssef.

6- Ahmad Hamdy.

7- Mohammad Sha’aban Abu-Qutadah, graduated form faculty of commerce, Almansoura university.

They were arrested in between 11/12/2015 and 15/12/2015 from different areas in Almansoura city

streets. And, that was after some people falsely notified the police that they were intending to explode

a dynamo. Police also accused them with belonging to a terrorist group which aims to target

policemen, judges and military men. There were some news that the students were severely tortured

by electric shock and others in a way violates the law, all the local and international charts and the

Egyptian constitutiona itself.

It worth to mention that Mohammad Sh’abaan was hidden forcibly for about 6 days. And, it came as a

violation of the first subject of the international chart to protect every person from being forcibly hidden

which states that “Invocation is not accepted under any condition, whether it was about War,

threatening of War or the absence of political or inner settlement or any other case which justifies the

enforcement disappearance.” Not only but his father and his brother were arrested regardless any

political reason before he was arrested un order to force him go to the police station.

Under the same context, the student Anas Kassab was banned from finishing his papers to perform

his exams. The thing that disabled him from performing them. Which, voilates what the subject

number 28 from the law of prison’s arrangement which states that “Prison’s management should take

care of the prisoners education regarding their age and their readiness rate.”