- In its meeting held on Monday, 08.17.2015, it was ruled by the military court to postpone the trial of “Anas Ibrahim Sebaq” 4th year  student at the Faculty of Business Administration-University of Egypt for Science and Technology, and “Abdul Rahman Shimi” 3rd year student at the Faculty of Applied Arts, University of 6 October, for a week until the presence of all the accused.

Recalling that the students were arrested arbitrarily contrary to law from their homes at dawn on Friday, 11/14/2014, where they were detained in pyramid Police Department, with news about being tortured, before presenting them to the public prosecutor in Giza to be detained and imprisonment Renew for them a couple of times before referring their case to the Military court on 07.21.2015.

The Students exposure to torture came contrary to what was a set of Principles for the Protection of All Persons under any form of detention or imprisonment in its principle number “6” that “a person shall not be subjected to any  form torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment under any circumstance it may be invoked as a justification for torture  inhuman or cruelty during their imprisonment.

Also trialing them in a  military trial is against the law no “204,” which states that “the military judiciary is an independent judicial body, specializes exclusively in all crimes related to the armed forces and its officers and members, and the like, and crimes of members of the General Intelligence during their service, and civilians may not be trialed before military courts. “