The public prosecutor in Dameitta decided on Saturday 22/08/2015 to renew the imprisonment for 10 girls of whom 7 students for a period of fifteen days pending investigation
where their names and data came as follows:
1- Sarah Hamdy Anwar EL sayed, the student in the faculty of pharmacy, Azhar
2- Aya Essam Omar, student in the second year, faculty of commerce, Damietta
3- Fatima Emad EL Din Abo Tork, first year, faculty of education, Damietta University
4- Kholod EL Sayd EL Falahgy, student at the second year, faculty of applied arts, Damietta
5- Israa Abdo ALy Farahat, secondary student
6- Rawda Sameer Saad Khater
7- Sarah Mohammad Aly Ibraheem
8- Fatima Mohammad Mohammad Ayad
9- Habiba Sheta
10- MAriam Emad El Din Tork
They were arrested with other 3 men after a demonstration against the current regime. They were accused of violence in Sorour square and The Clock square on the 8/5/2015.
It was reported to us that the student “Maryam Imad Eddin Tourk ” was attacked by security forces during her presentation after her children tried to go to her , so the officer beat her till she fainted , in a new violation to the list of violations against Egyptian students and women.
furthermore, The students were beaten up, humiliated and tortured in a clear violation for all laws and the Egyptian constitution.
We condemn such violations and demand the government to release all detainees specially girls