Security forces in Talkha police station on Sunday 30 /08/2015 arrested the parents of students at the University of Mansoura, “Abdul Hadi Alawadla,” “Ahmed Gad” and “Yasser Zaini” In addition to the student’s sister, “Abdul Hadi Alawadla” and that during the visit of the students at the headquarters of the police section, where the security forces released all except the mother of the student, “Ahmed Gad,” which her detention lasts until this moment.
It is worth mentioning that the mother of the student arrest came arbitrarily contrary to the law and international conventions, particularly as stated text of Article No. (54) of the Egyptian Constitution and the current, which states that: “personal freedom is a natural right, which shall not be touched, except in the case of flagrant derelict, and may not be arrested , or patted down, or imprisoned, or freedom restricted except by a causal judicial warrant required by the investigation,

“For our part, we Observatory of” freedom seekers “We demand the authorities to quickly release the mother of the student and punish those responsible for such violation.