On the 31 of Aug., a sentencing hearing for “Heba Eshta” student at the Faculty of Commerce English – Mansoura University, in front of military justice, the student had been detained arbitrarily, contrary to law, where she was arrested on 30 October last year, during the break of the security forces into the campus of Mansoura University to break up the effectiveness of the student protest against the current system, and arrested her with others while they were inside the university, where the members of the Administrative Security and members of the private security company, “Falcon” assaulting her with beating with Schumann and sticks, and handed her over to the police later.
To be later presented before the public prosecutor who accused her of several charges including: belonging to an outlawed group, committing acts of violence and riots within the university, and the destruction of interface administrative building for the security of the university, in the record number 14 748 for the year 2014, where she was detained in Monia Elnaser Jail from then until today.

In flagrant violation of all the provisions of the Egyptian Constitution, international human rights laws, the student referred to the military trial, otherwise stipulated in all the laws of the invalidity of the referral of any civilian to military trial, and was such a referral has been on the back of being accused of charges is objectively, with the continued postponement of her trial session after another without legal justification mentions.

Military trials were not the only violation against the student , as well the place of detention is inhuman moreover,  on Wednesday morning 03.18.2015 One of the officers assaulted the student by beating and cursing also attacked her mother after the hearing trial in front of the military court in Sandoub, and then she was carried over to the prison directly.

What happened to the student “Heba Eshta” came contrary to all laws and constitutions, as well as Article 10 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which Egypt ratified in 1976, which stipulates that “Everyone shall have full equality with others right in the hearing by court independent and impartial in the determination of his rights and obligations and of any criminal charge against him. “