Military Court ruled on Thursday 03/09/2015 to imprison  “Abdullah Mamdouh Tantawi” second year student at the Faculty of Law, Mansoura University for 3 years on charges  including: belonging to a banned group based against the law, the establishment of a terrorist cell, possessing anti publications of the current system, and throwing Molotov at police station in Dekerness.

The student was arrested with his father on 7/2/2014 then they were disappeared for 3 days to be known later that they were disappeared in one of the rooms in the second floor in Dekernis police station to force them to admit certain accusations.

Their family couldn’t see them until they were exposed to the prosecution on the 10/1/2015 as the prosecution accused them of belonging to an illegal group, founding a terrorist cell, throwing molotov on Dekernis police office. Hence, they were kept in custody for investigation until they were referred to a military court on 11/2/2015.

It is worth mentioning that the storming of the student’s home and arresting him arbitrarily without a permit or permission from the public prosecutor came contrary to the materials the current Egyptian Constitution, which outlawed categorically into breaking in homes or searched without the permission of the prosecution which contained the text of Article No. (58), as well as violation of Article No. (54) and which criminalizes arbitrary detention, which is not based on a statement or court order, also it mentions that the student trial before military courts was contrary to Article No. (204) of the Constitution, which reportedly stipulates that “it may not  trial civilians before military courts, but the crimes represents a direct assault on military installations or the armed forces camps or the like, it may not be the trial of civilians before military courts, but the crimes represent a direct assault on military installations or the armed forces camps or equivalents, “which has not evidenced any devices security or judicial student.