The main persecution sat the student Mohammad Khalid Moselhi free, who is enrolled in faculty of

veterinary medicine, Almansoura University, on 6-9-2015. And, that came after finishing his

punishment period which was 6 months after Almansoura Misdemeanor Court reduced it on the tenth

of the last May to be six months instead of 5 years.

It was mentioned that the student was arbitirarily arrested in a way violates the law, while he was

entering the university from the faculty of medicine’s gate, and that was on Monday, 3-3-2015. He got

severely tortured, which hurt him badly in his shoulder, until he was exposed to the main persecution

on the fifth of the same month. He was accused of many charges: beating the administrative

management individuals and possessing pressures; to be temporarily imprisoned under investigations

until the Appeal Court has reduced the sentence to 6 months.