Five students at Al Azhar University were exposed of many violations and abuses in addition to the threats by the security forces, and that during the writ submitted to govern in the hearing issued against them, the student “Alaa Elsayed” had a heart attack shock under severe decline due to health problems while in the deportations car for a long time in the course of deliberation, also security personnel beat the two students “Hanadi Ahmed Mahmoud” and “Asma Hamdi” in the presence of the judge, which led to fainting, in addition to the threats, beatings of one of the security men and preventing food and medicine.

Moreover, North Cairo court ruled on Wednesday 09/09/2015 to refuse the writ submitted against 5 students at the University of Al-Azhar judgment to the twenty-fourth of February 2014, whom was sentenced to five years and impose a fine of 100 thousand pounds, in Case No. 7322 misdemeanors Nasr City.

The names of the students were as follows:
1 Ala Elsayed student at the Faculty of Islamic Studies.
2. Hanadi Ahmed Mahmoud, student at the Faculty of Islamic Studies.
3. Roidah Ibrahim, student at the Faculty of Commerce.
4. Afaf Ahmed Omar,  student at the Faculty of Islamic studies.
5. Asmaa Hamdi,  student at the Faculty of Dentistry.

Students were arrested arbitrarily from Al-azhar University Campus on Tuesday 24/12/2014 , series of violations against the five female students started since the first moment of their arrest, where they were beaten and harassment by security personnel inside the campus, and it did not stop at this point, but the series  of violations continued inside Nasr City 1st police station.
Where the students endured series of  infringement of verbal insults and verbal abuse, physical torture, beating till scars of torture were clear on them, self-inspection in a humiliating manner to extent their harassment, not to mention the restrictions on them during family visits, where the Visits were behind iron bars, until they were deported on 12 January to Qanater prison, were the series of violations continued.

There, in Qanatr prison,  several violations were practiced against the girls which was  known in the media as the “massacre of Qanar ” that occurred on the tenth of June, which was the attack of security forces on  18 students from Al-Azhar students by  beating them with iron sticks and wood resulting in wounding five students and bruised and cut wounded them, and were forced disappeared for five days, to be transferred to Damanhur prison later.

There “Hanadi” were put in the discipline room for several days, although the lawyer students and their parents for communications to a number of the Attorney General, which restricted the numbers (12131, 12197.12109) to investigate this incident and a medical check on the five students, but he did not take any conduct toward those cases.

Also worth mentioning is the students subjected to medical negligence deliberately  where the student “Hanadi” suffered from severe fatigue as a result of excess inflation of worms, after many attempts  the prison administration approved to conduct the process of appendectomy in the third from last September, as the prison administration refused to keep them in the hospital, although the physician requested keeping her until complete healing.

prosecution, on the twenty-fourth of February, Nasr City Court issued a ruling to the students of five years in prison  and a fine of 100 thousand pounds, in Case No. 7322 of Nasr City, which directed the students many charges notably: Attack on Head Central Security and stealing his wallet, committing crimes by using Molotov and stones, belonging to an outlawed group founded against the law, and other charges.

The lawyer of students has made an appeal  on the verdict, in the first meeting on the twenty-seventh of March 2014, where the court has been procrastinating the judgment about the issue until, students were now transared to Damnhour Prison.