Military Court ruled on Sunday 06/09/2015, to imprison, “Hamid Kamal”, student at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Cairo University for ten years, and that after his arrest that lasted more than a year.

It is noteworthy that the security forces had arrested the student arbitrarily randomly on February  2014 from Bahteem  bridge at 9:30 pm , and was severely beaten on the head until he lost consciousness and woke up in the 2nd Shubra department’s by beating him with shoes on his whole body, he has then transferred to the security forces camp in Banha, where he then was transferred to South Banha police department, which referred him to the military trial after that.

The student arbitrary arrest and then tortured in places of detention and the allocate the military trial all are flagrant violation of the laws and international conventions to which Egypt has signed and ratified, particularly as stated in Article 55 of the Egyptian Constitution and the current, which states that: “All of arrested, or imprisoned, or restrict from freedom must be treated in a manner that preserves the dignity and may not be tortured, not intimidating, not compelled, not harmed physically or morally, shall not be detained, or imprisoned except in designated places so decent humane and healthy “, as well as the decision militarily forwarded as provided for in Article No. (97) of the current Constitution that “litigation is sacrosanct and guaranteed right for all or only person to be tried in front of an ordinary court, and extraordinary courts are prohibited.”