Almansoura military persecution has made a decision on 28 September 2015 to put the student Anas
Shousha, who is enrolled in faculty of pharmacy, Almansoura University, under the temporary
imprisonment for 15 days.
It was mentioned that security forces has arrested the student on Friday, 28-8-2015, where he was
led to unknown place neither for his family nor his lawyer until he appeared in the main persecution on
4-9-2015, which is considered as a violation of all tge human rights and its local and international
The student’s detention came as a violation of the current Egyptian constitution, especially, the
subject number 54 which states that “Freedom is a lersonal right, it is preserved vannot be touched.
Unless, under the case of flagrante: No one should be arrested, restricted, inspected or deprived of
his liberty. Only after a caused judicial order, which requires investigations. And, whoever gets
arrested, should be informed of the reasons behind his detention, informed of his rights, written. And,
should be enabled to contact either his family or his lawyer and should be exposed to the
investigations’ authority within 24 hours from the moment of his detention.