Mansoura criminal court headed by Judge “Osama Abdul Zahir” decided On Sunday 12/04/2015 to accept the appeal submitted to the judge of their imprisonment for two years, the Court of Cessation sent the case papers again to the criminal court and determined the 18th of next November session for the retrial of two students and a graduate of the University of Mansoura,  their names are as follows:

1. Abrar Ala Ismat al-Anani, first year student of Faculty of Commerce.

2. Minatuallah Mustafa El-belahi , second year student, Faculty of Arts.

3. Yusra El-sayed Ibrahim al-Khatib, a graduate of the Faculty of Education – English – Batch 2013.

It is noteworthy that the Court has also reject the appeal filed by the defense requesting “Yusra al-Khatib,”  sentence in another case, to imprisonment her or a period of 3 years, in  Alabaade Damanhur prison.

It is worth noting that the students had been being detained arbitrarily contrary to the law on 12.12.2013, more than a year, without the existence of an earlier decision of the public prosecutor or court reasoned judgment to that effect, and the prosecution accused them with several charges in case No. 12571, 2013 Administrative first Mansoura was as follows: “bullying, destroying institutions, to overthrow the government, resisting arrest, and vandalism of public money.”