- Cairo Criminal Court ruled on Tuesday , 03/11/2015, to postpone the trial of”Ibrahim al-Azab”, a graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy – Mansoura University, to Monday, 05/12/2015, in the well-known case “Suez cell” that he is accused in it with several charges, including: the establishment of a command cell for the purpose of targeting vessels crossing the Suez Canal, to monitor security headquarters in preparation for the target, the manufacture of explosives, possession of firearms, and threatening national unity.

The student had been sentenced in absentia to death in late February 2014, before being arrested arbitrarily against the law from his home city of Mansoura, on Wednesday, 03/05/2014, to be forced hidden for several days were he was subjected during these days to severe torture, which led to a broken tooth and a rib, in addition to the break in the legs, which is a flagrant violation of all international laws as well as the Egyptian constitution, and after the student appearance the public prosecutor charged him in forming a terrorist cell, and then the decision was a retrial.