“Mohammed Jamal Mohammed Nabarawy” student at the Faculty of Specific Education – Zagazig University, threatened by amputation of foot as a result of deliberate medical negligence which resulted in the deterioration of his health, which began with Leather infection and fungal evolution of pus in the foot, suffering from exhaustion sustained as a result of overcrowding inside the cell 5 meters inhabited by 35 people, as well as the intransigence of the prison administration to transfer him to any hospital to conduct medical examinations in order to preserve his amputation, this deliberate neglect, which does not fit with any of the laws regulating prisons and lockups and internationally agreed standards.

Stating that the student “Mohammad Jamal” was arrested arbitrarily against the law on 01/09/2013 from his university Square after the end of his examination directly and then was accused along with 83 others of burning the gate of the College of Arts and was remanded in prison for those charges and the trial is currently in the record number 20 692 \ 2013 second criminal Zagazig.

This was a violation in the text articles (3), (5) of the Universal Declaration for Human Rights stipulate that “Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.” “No one shall be subjected to torture or to sanctions or to cruel, inhuman transactions”.

In the context of those facts we Observatory “of freedom seekers ” We condemn these violations against the students, and we demand to not to turn a blind eye to what the student suffered of violations, and we condemn strongly the outcome of the human rights violations, so we call for the commitment of the Egyptian authorities with all the rules and laws and international charters and hold Attorney General and the Interior Ministry full responsibility for the physical and psychological health of the student as a whole.