Shata Prosecution decided yesterday corresponding Wednesday 02/17/2016 to postpone showing all of the ” Bilal Al Alfi ,” and “Maaz Abu Jabal ,” first year student at the Faculty of history and civilization of Al-Azhar University – Mansoura Branch, and “Mohammed Shata” student at Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University and then to Wednesday 02.24.2016,
Stating that the security forces have arrested a student of arbitrary arrest against the law without a court order on Wednesday, 02/03/2016, from Alsallam ambush on the road to the city of Damietta, and was then brought before a prosecutor, which decided in custody for 15 days pending investigations on the background of being accused of pretending without a permit.

It is noteworthy that is exposed to the student of enforced disappearance is a violation of provisions of the Articles No. (54) of the Egyptian Constitution, and No. (7) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, and the two stated the clear criminalization to arbitrary arrest for anyone except in the case of flagrante delicto, or the existence of a reasoned judicial order arrest, according to the law, which is not available to the security agencies in arresting the students.