Egyptian security forces continue to enforced disappearance of؛”Ahmed Marwan Ruby “first year student at the Faculty of Arabic language Al-Azhar University – Cairo branch, and “Ali Wagdi Ruby” third year student at the Institute of Computer in Tanta, in addition to the second year students at the Institute of Higher Technological: “Amr Kamal Abdel-Samad “student, Faculty of systems, information, and his brother” Osama Kamal Abdul Samad, “a student at the Faculty of Alalson, since 10 days and up to the minute.
The student’s sister, “Ali Wagdi” has reported that on Sunday, February 22, 2016 her brother went in his own car, accompanied by his two friends, “Amr” and “Osama” when they were arrested and detained by security forces and taken to the home of “Ahmed Marwan”, which was confirmed by his father, who stated that a security force consists of the car “microbus”, police car and security personnel apostates civil and uniform clothes came with the three students to their home and they ramming and cracking its contents and they theft of a sum of money and a number of mobile phones in addition to the Ali’s car ,and then they snatched the four students to an unknown destination, as the father of a student said they made a number of telegraphs about the hiding of the students, but the security forces not taking any action about them and the students’ families still unable to identify the whereabouts of their sons until this moment
. In the same context, the sister of the students, “Amr” and Osama “reported that her two brothers were kidnapped on last February 22 when they were accompanied by their friend” Ali “on their way to the doctor, where he stated that” Osama “paraplegic after hurting on the fourteenth of August 2013 with a bullet in his back and he was still undergoing treatment, and the student’s family expressed that they concern about the exposure of their son to any pressure specially after the denial of their detention and not to disclose their whereabouts until this moment.