The mother of “Moataz Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Sabih” first year student at the faculty of Engineering – communications department at Cairo University, reported that her son during his disappearance for a period of 74 consecutive days suffered from severe torture at the headquarters of the state security apparatus, in Lazoghly .his mother saw the signs of torture in her visiting to him, after his appearance in the nineteenth of March.

Where six armed personnel dressed in civilian clothes told the mother of the student that they are members of the Nasr city security apparatus, they – according to the testimony of the mother of the student – broke into the house and searched without permission, as they break down its contents, as well as the theft of a computer, tablet, camera and mobile phone, and then snatching the student to an unknown destination until his first appearance on 19 March 2016.

. The student’s mother added on her personal page on Facebook that the first appearance for “Moataz”  was on Saturday, March 19, 2016 where he was presented to the Supreme State Security Prosecution the minutes of tuning on March 18 2016 despite his arrest since the first of January, the decision shall be imprisonment pending investigations into the case No. 502 for the year 2015 after admitting on false charges of forced to be recognized under severe torture – in the words of his mother – to be later transferred to the headquarters of the Al_Akrab prison where he is being detained.
The mother of “Moataz” explained that her son was being held for the duration of his disappearancein the National Security Apparatus in lazoghly where he remained blindfolded throughout the seventy-four days – as the student recounted to her during her visit to him – also suffered during that period from the harshest physical and psychological torture of beaten, electric shocks ,suspension by the parties, as well as starvation for long periods, and the mother of the student confirmed that the signs of that torture is still visible on her son body even now, as well as the effects of extreme weakness  because he went on a hunger strike for a week during the period of hiding him.

In a related context, the mother of the student recounted that her son exposed to the conditions of harsh detention at the “Al_Akrab prison”, where she stated that “Moataz” is being held in solitary confinement and electricity is cut off, which means detention isolated in complete darkness since he was deported to the “Al_Akrab prison” in the ninth of March, and until this moment, as she mentioned that her son is exposed to harsh transactions at the headquarters of his detention, as well as she is exposed in to strictures ; a humiliating inspection and intransigence in the introduction of belongings during her visit.