Mansoura Criminal Court -Decided on  Sunday 15/3/2015 to postpone the trial of Al-Azhar University student – in Tfhna Alashraf  branch, “Mohamed Adel Abu Shusha” third year student at the Faculty of Education, to Monday session on  April 20, 2015.
Recalling that the student had been arrested arbitrarily, contrary to the law without permission or a court order on Wednesday 03/04/2015 from the village Tafahna Alashraf train station, to be then taken to ‘Mitt Gamr’ police station,were he was enduring great and severe torture to force him to confess to certain charges , then he was  displayed later to a Public Prosecution, which accused him with several charges, including: demonstrating without a license, possession of Molotov , and possession of leaflets, and then was referred to the Criminal Court in the seventh day of March.