Kimberly kitching withdraws from contest for lalor

A top state Democratic Party official said Wednesday that former state Sen. Katcho “Katch더킹카지노” Kolaty is dropping out of a possible June 2016 Democratic nomination race in Prince George’s County.

The state Party of Maryland officials say Kolaty has withdrawn after failing to file a formal campaign finance disclosure.

The revelation comes after Kolaty’s unsuccessful primary challenge in March, when he raised about $2 million for the Democrat and her opponent, state Sen. Bob Ford Jr.

The party says there are 15 other statewide Democrats still in the mix, but not many of them are as well-known as Kolaty.

Lalor says Kolaty’s withdrawal w바카라사이트ill further complicate the primary fight, which is expected to be one of Maryland’s closest.

In a written statement, the party said it will now focus on the May 7 special election for the 1st Congressional District seat in Prince George’s County.

The committee chairwoman was also notified Wednesday that Kolaty could not participate in the May 7 primary.

Kolaty has raised just shy of $5 million since leaving the governor’s mansion to serve as lieutenant governor. He was considered a front-runner in the race and was able to raise $2 million in less than 24 hours.

State Senate President Phil Clemons has said Kolaty had $3 million to spend by the time he finished the race. However, that is nearly $4 million less than the Republican candidate, state Sen. Dan Green, who raised $10 million.

The race in Prince George’s County is more competitive than the general election in the Prince George’s County GOP district, which has more Democratic voters than Republican.

The GOP said Kolaty’s withdrawal is a good day to let the two sides know that they must focu바카라사이트s on May 7’s contest in Prince George’s County.

“The Democratic Party remains confident that the party can and will win this special congressional race, as long as we focus on working together in the General Assembly,” the party statement said.