Cairo University management decided to expel 9 students completely after accusing them of demonstrating against the current regime.

The students are:
1- Hossam Adly, student at Dar El Oloum
2- Abdullah Ehab, student at Dar El Oloum
3- Osama Badawy, student at Dar El Oloum
4- Sara Loay, Second year, Dar El Oloum
5- Thuraya Ehab, first year, Dar El Oloum
6- Asmaa Mohammad Abul Aal, Third year Dar El Oloum
7- Khadija, faculty of commerce
8- Mostafa Ahmad, faculty of law
9-Abdul Rahman Ahmad, faculty of law
That is a clear violation to all laws that guarantee the student’s right to express his opinion in a legal way. Also, it requires gradual decisions before taking the expulsion decision.