Northam shire pushes for northam town merger

The Shire Council was set to vote on Tuesday on whether to call for a merger with Northam, with Shire Councillor Tony Gorman calling for the split.

But Council leader David Beasley announced this evening he would ask to have더킹카지노 the vote po우리카지노stponed for a day so the Shire Council’s business committee could have discussions with local supporters, including the local opposition Labour Party.

Northam is the seat Northam’s Labour Party is seeking to re-elect in the local elections.

Labour leader Grant Smith said the Labour party wanted to “work closely” with the council, but could not rule out calling for a merger with a local candidate or one from outside the electorate.

“It is imperative that Northam remains in power as Labour Party leader while ensuring the 우리카지노interests of all residents are taken into account and that Northam has the support of the wider community, particularly in the South West.

“It is an important part of the process but our key concerns are that there will be a very large turnout and there must be sufficient public sector jobs and investment in both business and education.”

Northam City Council said the Labour Party would be represented on the city’s planning and management committee.

But the Shire Council’s Business Commission voted to call on the Shire Council to consider merging with the Northam Town Council on March 10, when Mr Beasley said a merger would be “unlikely to create a viable business and industry hub, if any”.