The military court in Haixtep decided on Wed 18 March 2015, to send Mohammad Shaaban El leithy, the student in the faculty of engineering, civil department, Cairo University, to prison for years because he was accused of belonging to a terrorist cell.

Worth mentioning that the student was arrested arbitrarily in front of his house in Fayoum governorate, then he was forcibly hidden for almost weeks then he appeared on the 11/10/2014 . Al Fayoum prosecution accused him of burning electricity generators, urging violence and chagrining the public peace and belonging to a terrorist cell. He was converted to a military court on 3rd Feb 2015 and the sentence against him came on last Wednesday. We have received news that the student admitted under torture in Siddiq police office.

All what the student had, starting from the arbitrary detention, forcible hiding, confession under torturing and military trial against all human rights, Egyptian constitution and all international traditions that criminalize these deeds and state the importance of judging whoever is responsible for it and questioning them.