On Saturday, March 21, 2015 two corpse were found & later was identified as: “Sahib Abdul Karim Mohammed Abdul Hamid,” first year student  at Faculty of Law – University of Zagazig, & “Jihad Ahmed Abu Alrus ” Technical Diploma graduate 2014, and it was confirmed by the official page of the Egyptian Interior Ministry & an official statement on Facebook  stating that the students were killed when they were trying to plant a bomb which exploded, causing the two deaths in the case.

But witnesses told us that the students were kidnapped on Saturday, by the security forces, following a human chain against the current system in Kafr Saqr Abrahamiya Sharkia, which is contrary completely against “Egyptian Interior statement”, which raises doubts about exposing the Students to torture to confess to certain charges, which caused the deaths and the attempt by security forces to procrastinate with the truth.

Continuation of the series of violations, security forces surrounded the hospital, which has the student, “Mohammad Hamdallah” secondary third grade student who were injured serious injuries , following the same incident,