Shebeen El Koum prosecution decided today Monday 23/3/2015 to imprison 7 students at Menoufeya University and another at Azhar University for 15 days:

Students names are:
Abdul Rahman Ali, second year, faculty of engineering
Salah Shokry, Third year, faculty of religion origins, Azhar University
Mahmoud Hashkeel, faculty of engineering
Salah Adel, preparatory year, faculty of engineering
Osama El Nahas, second year, faculty of science
Yousef Belal, first year, faculty of science
Mohammad Mahdy, Second year, faculty of engineering
Mohammad Fadel Zalabeya, Fourth year, faculty of medicine

Worth mentioning that the students were arrested arbitrarily and illegally from the students hostel in Shebeen El koum on Monday 9/3/2015.

We have received some news about torturing the students at what is known as Shebeen slaughterhouse with the supervision of the investigation chef Mohammad Abo El Aazm. That was to force students to admit that they are responsible for the explosion in Shebeen University although the explosion happened few hours after they were arrested. This is violating all laws that torturing any prisoner to admit crimes that he didn’t commit.