Security forces arrested “Ahmed Essam” student in Faculty of Applied Arts, University of New Cairo , arbitrarily in contravention of the law without a permit or a reasoned judicial order, from Cairo International Airport.

The student detention continued for two days until it he was presented on behalf of the security center at the 5th district , which accused him of several charges, the most prominent of which are: belonging to the Islamic state “ISIS ” ,& possession of weapons without a license, then the Prosecution  issued to imprison him in custody pending investigations, to be taken after that the Matariayah Headquarters.

It is worth mentioning that the student was shot by cartridges in the brain and was not been extracted so far, in the events, known as “the events of Mohamed Mahmoud” in 2011, and the student is still subjected for treatment, which raises fears that his detention in Matariyah section – known as bad conditions of detention – that his health will deteriorate leading to his death .