Security forces on October 4, 2016 arrested “Abdulrahman Hussein Saleh,” second year student at the Faculty of Arabic language, Al-Azhar University, Assiut branch, and led him to an unknown destination.

The family said that he was in his uncle’s house in the Giza province, accompanied by his father. In exactly twelve o’clock noon, security forces broke into the house and arrested, “Abdul Rahman” and his father and took them to an unknown destination.
According to the student’s family in her testimony that it don`t know the fate of her son and his father since he was taken by security forces to an unknown destination. The family adds that despite sending many telegraphs to the Attorney General, the Minister of Interior and Minister of Justice, but it is not answered till now.

The family holds the Egyptian Authority and its security forces the full responsibility for its son and his father. It also demands to present them to the prosecutor, and it expresses concern about subjecting them to any torture to force them to confess to charges he didn’t commit.