Everyone has the right to live of life and safety that is the statement of the item number 13 in the global declaration for human rights and liberties. On the other hand we find out that such violations against University students aren’t new. It happened before and it is still going on till now. The clearest violation is the illegal killing; so, we find security forces ignore the least right students have, to live.

Rokaya Hashem Islam, the student in the faculty of mass communication, Cairo University was killed on the 18th, March 2014. She was shot in her belly on the 25th Jan 2015, she went under 5 surgical operations to treat the wound, though she passed away on the 18th March.

A year passed, but until now, security forces are still suppressing students in all illegal ways that violate all international laws and documents that sounds for everyone not worth the ink it is written with, none of its statements come to real life. A whole year passed by the crime, without questioning or investigating the criminal.

We are still condemning and demanding the specialized authorities and the judicial institutions to investigate these cases and question whoever is responsible.

Among all these violations and the current situation of liberties in Egypt, a question pops up,

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