Ruled on behalf of Giza first on Monday, 06/04/2015, to remain in custody both “Abdel-Fattah Attiyah” second year student, Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology _ October Branch, and his brother, “Omar Attish” a high school student,for fifteen days pending investigations.

It is noteworthy that the security forces have arrested the student ,his father ,his mother and sister arbitrarily against the law on Saturday, 14/02/2015, to force his brother, “Omar” to surrender in exchange for their release, and in another violation has been forced disappeared for a period during which they were endured to various kinds of abuse and torture, which is contrary to all laws that criminalized the arrest of any person without a legal reason to that effect, and criminalized any individual subjected to derogatory violations of dignity during his detention period or during his enforced disappearance.