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About Us

About Us

Freedom students Observatory is a human rights observatory founded by a group of lawyers and activists to improve monitoring and documenting violations along the Students category .. referentiality is the basic international human rights law, and the values derived from the divine religions and national constitutions, and adheres to legal means in the performance of his duties

The observatory consists of several committees and working committees each observatory to monitor and document the violations were, whether by the governing authority or the university administration or the students themselves against each other, and that in accordance with the standards of human rights and international conventions agreed

The right of expression is guaranteed opinion pursuant to Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as well as academic rights pursuant to Article (26) of the same ad, and we are working to detect violations in the two sides, and through a large network of monitors and volunteer researchers in all the provinces of the Republic

And Media Section Observatory works to highlight and expose these abuses, and expose those responsible for them in front of the community, and work to bring them to justice
And cooperate with the Observatory in all human rights organizations in Egypt or abroad in order to unify efforts in uncovering what is Egypt, students of irregularities

The Observatory also depends on funding the subscriptions of its members and donations, and prohibits its statute to receive aid from the government, and did not receive any foreign funding, issued Observatory regular reports related to freedoms and university student, as well as violations also targets the largest possible number of volunteers trained to disseminate the culture of human rights
It also aims to defend the freedoms and students without student, that divides them on the basis of religious, sexual or ethnic or political affiliation, all humans .. and all his rights and the duties, and thus build a free home demolished by the Liberal students.
Freedom students Observatory
Student free .. free homeland