Ruled by the public prosecutor on Tuesday 07/04/2015 to remain in custody to :
1-Sahib Khashan – second year student at the Faculty of Medicine, October University
2. Omar Rabie- 2nd year student at Faculty of Applied Arts October University.
3. Ahmed Hamdi – 2nd year Student at the Faculty of Dentistry, October University.
4. Ahmad Badawi – 2nd year student at the  Faculty of Dentistry – October University.
5. Ahmed Mohamed Selim – 2nd year Student at the Faculty of Dentistry -October University.
6. Amjad Mohammed Hussein – 2nd year student at the Faculty of Dentistry, October University.
7. Osama Khashan – first year student, Faculty of Dentistry Misr Science and Technology University
8-Mustafa Badawi -Faculty of Engineering graduate.

9-Mohammed Ismail El-derby October University

For a period of fifteen days pending investigations .

Recalling that the students were arrested arbitrarily contrary to all laws last Wednesday on the 25th of March, without a reason to that effect, they arrested the student rom their hostels, except for, “Omar Rabie ” who was arrested from his home, they also inspected the  students houses and stole its contents while arresting them , and no one knew their whereabouts until they were presented before a  public prosecutor yesterday, which ruled to delay their hearing till the investigations of the national security, and jailed the students for four days pending investigation.